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CAUTION: These parts MUST be installed by a qualified mechanic, otherwise an unsafe vehicle and/or personal injury may result.

RP10116 Upper Ball JointRP10116 Upper Ball JointInstallation
RP10155 Lower Ball JointRP10155 Lower Ball JointInstallation
RP10158/RP10159 Upper Ball JointRP10158/RP10159 Upper Ball JointInstallation
RP10162/RP10163 Upper Ball JointRP10162/RP10163 Upper Ball JointInstallation
RP10168 Lower Ball JointRP10168 Lower Ball JointInstallation
RP10835 Lower Ball JointRP10835 Lower Ball JointInstallation
RP12573 Dual Load Carrying Ball Joint SystemRP12573 Dual Load Carrying Ball Joint System (JK)Installation
RP12574 Dual Load Carrying Ball Joint SystemRP12574 Dual Load Carrying Ball Joint System (TJ)Installation
RP15104 Trunnion KitRP15104 Trunnion KitInstallation
RP15130 Control Arm BushingsRP15130 Control Arm BushingsInstallation
RP15188 Radius Arm BushingsRP15188 Radius Arm BushingsInstallation
RP15211 Control Arm BushingsRP15211 Control Arm BushingsInstallation
RP15345 & RP15348 Control Arm Shaft KitsRP15345 & RP15348 Control Arm Shaft KitsInstallation
RP15608 Control Arm Bushing KitsRP15608 Control Arm Bushing KitsInstallation
RP15638 & RP15675 Strut Rod Bushing KitsRP15638 & RP15675 Strut Rod Bushing KitsInstallation
RP16870 Control Arm Bushing KitsRP16870 Control Arm Bushing KitsInstallation
RP17700 Steering Gear Mount KitRP17700 Steering Gear Mount KitInstallation
RP17035 Control Arm BushingRP17035 Control Arm BushingInstallation
RP18021 Crank Replacement KitsRP18021 Crank Replacement KitsInstallation
RP18035 Control Arm Bushing KitRP18035 Control Arm Bushing KitInstallation
RP18109 Rear Suspension KitRP18109 Rear Suspension KitInstallation
RP18490 Outer Pivot Pin KitRP18490 Outer Pivot Pin KitInstallation
RP19881 Track Bar BushingRP19881 Track Bar BushingInstallation
RP19899 Control Arm U Bolt KitRP19899 Control Arm U Bolt KitInstallation
RP20116 Pitman ArmRP20116 Pitman ArmInstallation
RP20173 Idler ArmRP20173 Idler ArmInstallation
RP20201 Idler ArmRP20201 Idler ArmInstallation
RP20204 Idler ArmRP20204 Idler ArmInstallation
RP20236 Idler ArmRP20236 Idler ArmInstallation
RP20250 Idler ArmRP20250 Idler ArmInstallation
RP20266 Idler Arm Repair KitRP20266 Idler Arm Repair KitInstallation
RP20343 Idler Arm Repair KitRP20343 Idler Arm Repair KitInstallation
RP20495 Bell Crank Repair KitRP20495 Bell Crank Repair KitInstallation
RP20595 Bell Crank Repair KitRP20595 Bell Crank Repair KitInstallation
RP20609/RP20610 Extreme Duty Pitman ArmsRP20609/RP20610 Extreme Duty Pitman ArmsInstallation
RP21023 Bell Crank Repair KitRP21023 Bell Crank Repair KitInstallation
RP21037 Extreme Duty Idler Arm Frame Bracket KitRP21037 Extreme Duty Idler Arm Frame Bracket KitInstallation
RP22401 Control Arm Bushing KitRP22401 Control Arm Bushing KitInstallation
RP25073 Center Link Repair KitRP25073 Center Link Repair KitInstallation
RP25128/RP25129 Tie Rod EndRP25128/RP25129 Tie Rod EndInstallation
RP25283 Drag Link Repair KitRP25283 Drag Link Repair KitInstallation
RP25315 Drag Link Repair KitRP25315 Drag Link Repair KitInstallation
RP25316 Drag Link Repair KitRP25316 Drag Link Repair KitInstallation
RP25717 Tie Rod EndRP25717 Tie Rod EndInstallation
RP25917 Tie Rod EndRP25917 Tie Rod EndInstallation
RP26192 Drag Link Repair KitRP26192 Drag Link Repair KitInstallation
RP26597 Drag Link Repair KitRP26597 Drag Link Repair KitInstallation
RP27107 Drag Link Repair KitRP27107 Drag Link Repair KitInstallation
RP27113 Drag Link Repair KitRP27113 Drag Link Repair KitInstallation
RP27127 Drag Link Repair KitRP27127 Drag Link Repair KitInstallation
RP27128 Drag Link Repair KitRP27128 Drag Link Repair KitInstallation
RP27443 Drag Link Repair KitRP27443 Drag Link Repair KitInstallation
RP27444 Center Link Repair KitRP27444 Center Link Repair KitInstallation
RP27483 & RP27484 Power to Manual Steering Conversion KitRP27483 & RP27484 Power to Manual Steering Conversion KitInstallation
RP27671 Manual Steering AdapterRP27671 Manual Steering AdapterInstallation
RP27680 Drag Link Repair KitRP27680 Drag Link Repair KitInstallation
RP27690 Drag Link Repair KitRP27690 Drag Link Repair KitInstallation
RP27718 Drag Link Repair KitRP27718 Drag Link Repair KitInstallation
RP28157 Drag Link Repair KitRP28157 Drag Link Repair KitInstallation
RP28222 Drag Link Repair KitRP28222 Drag Link Repair KitInstallation
RP28444 Heavy Duty Track BarRP28444 Heavy Duty Track BarInstallation
RP28559 2nd Gen. Heavy Duty Tie Rod AssembliesRP28559 2nd Gen. Heavy Duty Tie Rod AssembliesInstallation
RP29092 2nd Gen. Heavy Duty Tie Rod AssembliesRP29092 2nd Gen. Heavy Duty Tie Rod AssembliesInstallation
RP30227 King Pin SetRP30227 King Pin SetInstallation
RP37538 Leaf Spring Bolt KitRP37538 Leaf Spring Bolt KitInstallation
RP72669 Rear Camber/Caster KitRP72669 Rear Camber/Caster KitInstallation


If you have any questions, or would like to request an instruction sheet on a Rare Parts Diamond Series product, email us with your request. Please be sure to include the part number with your request.